Events & Activities



Art Education - School offers special training by experts in Visual and Performing arts as a co-curricular activity.  Students of classes IV-X are given an opportunity to specialize in the area of their choice. 

Scouts and Guides – The school is proud to have a considerable number of students who are recipients of the prestigious Rajya Puraskar Award, from the Govt. of India.


With a view to provide structured opportunities to our students to develop and enhance their skills in the particular areas of their choice, the school organizes different club activities regularly throughout the academic year as listed below. Classified under three broad areas, the programme covers a wide range of interests.  Experts and professionals are invited to offer guidance and training to the students. 

  1. Humanities Club
    1. Journalism/Creative Writing
    2. Histrionics
    3. Oratory/Debate/Public Speaking
    4. Readers’ Club
    5. Quiz
    6. Community Service

  2. Science & Technology Club
    1. Creative Clubs in Science
    2. Biology/Physics/Chemistry/Maths
    3. Web Design/Animation
    4. Eco Club
  3. Art, Craft & CultureDrawing, Painting & Other Allied skills
    1. Handicrafts


Annual Day Celebration -  The School’s Annual Day is scheduled usually in the month of August.  Eminent Academicians / Corporate Heads / Senior Government Officials are  invited to preside over the function.

Science Exhibition -  As a part of the ‘Science Day’ programme – a science project cum exhibition is organized annually.

Sports – The school offers professional coaching in various sports like Volley ball, Basket ball, Throw ball, Foot ball, Table tennis, Cricket, Athletics and Chess.  The school conducts many tournaments which are very popular – P.C. Sekhar State level Under-14 Boys cricket tournament.

Scintillations  (A Cultural Fiesta) – The school organizes a two day inter school cultural festival, every year.  The program attracts participation from nearly 30 leading city schools.

Medical Inspection and Health Awareness -

A comprehensive medical check up by a team of Specialists from the Apollo Hospital is organized in the I term of every academic year.

Parent-Teachers Meeting

Every month the school organizes an open house programme to facilitate periodic interaction between teachers and parents in the presence of their wards.  The dates are mentioned in the school calendar to enable parents to attend such meetings.

Career Counselling and Guidance

Schools have great responsibility in acquainting the students with diverse career options available and provide them with necessary guidance.  A career counseling and guidance programme for Class X & XI students is arranged annually in association with Rotary Club, Meenambakkam.  The students interact with eminent personalities from various fields who enlighten them on diverse career options.

News Letter - Launched in 2002, 2 issues of the ‘Mystique’ are brought out every year. This is managed by the students of Class XI & XII and includes highlights of the school achievements, updates of school activities and creative articles by students.

The Fourth Estate (TFE) - Class XII students take full responsibility in running the ‘Wall magazine’ The Fourth Estate.  Each class and section from Grade VIII upwards presents features based on current affairs, sports updates, updates of school activities and creative articles by students.

Cultural Activities – ‘Renaissance’ the inter class cultural programme covering a wide range of skills and talent draws enthusiastic participation from students of classes VIII – XII.